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Getting Real (Chapter 12)

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Chapter 12 🙂

When your product is finish it’s not good to just sell it to market. Like other companies they give away something for free for the market to experience your product. Give something away that would make your market happy to make your product sell. Let them experience first the interface the whole product and the use of it. So they could see what you have built. Let them know how easy to use your product. Let them use it for free, to experience and show them how painless your app could be. Provide some big, clear, signup button that pops and put it on each page of your marketing site. Tell them how easy it is to sign in to your app.

Avoid long term contracts, or sign up fees. Let them cancel their account if they want any time without penalty. Avoid fees every time they sign up. Let them experience free from your service to make it more convenience for them. And for some bad news make an advance notice that will notify them every time. So if you make any changes from your price or anything they would not get mad at you. They could prepare their self for an additional if they like your application.


Fancy Box

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wew…i just created my fancyBox…

i add some pictures that i took last summer from US.

i only edit some pictures and names from the codes

visit my site 🙂

My Fancy Box

My LightView

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Check out my Lightview website.. i post some pictures of my family 🙂

Sample Lightview

Shopping Cart

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First Example of my shopping Cart 🙂

Getting Real(Chapter 8)

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Chapter 8

In this chapter this talks about hiring new people, how to get the right person to work with. And this first topic was about “Hire Less hire Later” it is said that you don’t need to many people to make your work done. Sometimes you only need yourself to finish all does work. Hiring too many people would only cause headache. Thus you must try first like example if you fire one person you don’t need to hire immediately. Find out first if how long you could get along without that person, and if there’s no other way then you should consider a hire. But make sure that the person you would hire could accept the work. But before hiring anyone give them first a small project, see how they handle it and how they work. Do the “test drive” as it is said. It’s not bad to take n hour for this. Because you would work with them and you need to know what they can to.

It’s not enough to look on degrees or resumes. What is important is if you could trust them. If they have the right ability to complete your work. Actions are important that just the words that is said on their resume. This are the things that you need to based for their work: Quality of work, Cultural perspective, Level of passion, Completion percentage and Social match. But when it comes to programmers the people that you would need is the one with an open source knowledge. Because programmers need to learn new technology based on how fast the world would change. You need someone who can adjust and learn to the flow. A person who can do more on what he has. And someone who’s enthusiastic. Who you can trust to get things done when left alone. Who can be excited to build what you’re building.

Getting Real (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5 🙂

In this chapter the first topic was “Half, Not Half-Assed”, It said that in building your web application you should make a half of your product first. By having a smart idea, think take whatever you think that your product should be, then build the half of it and you’ll see how it will hit. We start with a lean then we let it gain traction, after that you can start to add some foundation of what you’ve built. Like building things that does matter.

It’s like thinking smart, even others would ask why you wouldn’t do those simple things. Having a real programmer and a designer aren’t the ones with the best skills. Those are the people who would think that those ideas are not important at all so why build them now? Why not build half that are important. We don’t need to waste our time in building does things that doesn’t matter. If you continue that idea you’ll achieve productivity you’ve never imagined.

We don’t need an app that pleases everyone all the time, we need an app that will stand. We don’t need to agree on everybody’s idea, sometimes we need to think on our own ideas. Building an app with features that proves itself and showing that it can survive in every way. But make sure that you build an app that you can manage, because if not it would only create a headache. Build product that you can manage and control until the end. That’s why you need to start with the half not an half assed. Because if you build a half-assed customers would expect something that you can’t afford to manage anymore. So make sure whatever it is you’re doing is something that you can sustain until the end, organizationally, strategically and financially.

You don’t need to promise, because sometimes it’s hard to keep. Let people solve their problems, just build what you can then step out of the way. And let them solve it on their own. You just do the best job that you can to help them.

It’s not bad to listen to ideas, or request of your customers. You don’t need to add them all and change all they want. You just have to listen then listen on your own work. Believe on what you have build and maintain the vision for the project.

Getting Real (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3 🙂

In this Chapter the first topic was about “Less Mass” it is said that “The leaner you are, the easier it is to change”. Because of the fast changes that happens in our generation, you must be able to fly with them. Like in a web Technology your application must be easy to change and more cheaper if not other might get the opportunity that you have. You must be just in time thinking, must have the simplicity, less features, open source products. So if changes comes it is easier for your company to change or upgrade their features and fix errors. It is easier to react and evolve and integrate new technology faster.

In this chapter it is also said that “Stay flexible by reducing obstacles to change”. It is okay to start with a small version first. So your Product would be less expensive and easy to make changes because when changes come it is easier for you to conduct those changes. Because the more expensive it is to make a change the lesser it is for you to to make it.

Even you have the small team it is an advantage from other. Like having a three Musketeers, the developer, designer and the one that can work with both.  And you can decide easily you can talk to each other and resolve each changes quickly, rather than having a big team that is harder to decide and cope with one another. It would be a big challenge building an application with only few person but if you have the right team everything would be worth it. Having Constraints is not a problem. You must learn how to embrace it, instead of thinking about it so much. Let it be the guide for you success. A challenge for each one of your team. Your team could come up with the creative solutions, with the right features.

“Be Yourself” this is the last topic in this chapter. I think its right, you don’t need to have a big company to get your success. You only need to be your self, having a small team would also help you to communicate easily with your customers. Because small teams can talk direct and more personally with your customer that you can get their feedback. You can have your freedom their is no formality so much. And as a small team you are free to talk honestly and openly with one another.